Teaching: Courses

At Saint Louis University, the undergraduate classes I teach fall into two categories: core classes required of all communication majors & minors, and classes offered in the department’s Journalism & Media Studies track. The links below lead to the most recent class blog for each course. A complete list of courses taught is on my CV page.

Core courses

  • Media & Society (lecture): Covering a wide background of media industries, and helping students develop the critical skills necessary for understanding how media function and impact our everyday lives
  • Media & Society (lab): Helping students learn how to use technology hardware, such as digital cameras and camcorders, and computer software including photo and video editing programs

Journalism & Media Studies track

  • News Writing: Introducing students to the fundamental elements of producing news for print, online and broadcast, and guiding them through analysis of media ethics, organizations & consumers
  • Multiplatform Journalism: Expanding students’ storytelling skills through technology and social media, and exploring how those technologies fit into the future of the profession

I also teach a graduate course titled Contemporary Issues in Media, which focuses on the future of journalism, tensions in media and communication technology, media management & economics, struggles over news content, and the changing role of media audiences.

Mentoring other instructors

Through the Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning, I assist other instructors who want to incorporate online tools more effectively in their classes. In addition to informal mentoring, I wrote a guest column on using student blog posts to spur critical reflection and helped lead a workshop on a similar topic.


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